Fitness Conundrum Series: Let’s Eat!

Ironic. I’m writing this post during a week where I have barely eaten. I’ve been very ill. Food poisoning.

However isn’t my predicament ironically the true meaning of : garbage in garbage out. I’m sick. My body is (in quite an unforgiving manner) making me pay for the garbage I put in. Granted it wasn’t really garbage. I had chicken. Issue is, it wasn’t too fresh (tip: not all people can handle frozen-defrosted-frozen-defrosted food…don’t try find out if you’re one of the people who can).

There are two places where I eat poorly. At school and at home (when I’m home with my mum). There…I indulge. I will have cake for lunch and breakfast or fast food for dinner.It’s a horrible habit. Yet, when I am at my place (I live alone), I eat significantly healthier. This is because I have more control over what I have access to.

I don’t keep cake or anything unhealthy in the house. I keep whole food, fruit and veg. If I want a snack, all I’ve got is fruit or cereal. However where I can’t control what I have access to…I struggle to control what and how much I will have of things.

I could either eat too much, too little or just enough. Eat too much sugar or none at all. It will fluctuate. This is where I struggle.  I’m still looking into how to work on it…when I have some good advice and solutions…I’ll share it. So far, I haven’t found too many things that help me with the issue.


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