Game Plan: Fitness this Holiday.

The holiday is here and it’s time for me to get into it. There are so many things I want to do: from road trips to running 🙂 .

I’ve created my fitness plan for the first two months or so. I have made two regimes for two weeks. I will alternate between them for two months. I am using: Fitness Blender! Fitness Blender! Fitness Blender!

I always use Fitness Blender. It is full of honesty and positivity. No gimmicks. No lies. Just healthy living from relatable people. I have taken a series of their free workout videos and made my own work out plan. Lots of strength training and some HIIT cardio. 4-5 days a week, every workout no less than 25-30 mins no more than 35 mins.

I will be working out in the afternoons/evenings. Either from 4 or 5 pm. However in the mornings, I’d like to form a new habit. Yoga. I’ve found some 30 day beginner yoga challenges and I’d like to try them out. The first set that I want to follow is the set by Kino Yoga.  All of the videos are 30 mins long. I am really excited. I cannot wait!!!!

I’m a morning person, but not the kind that wakes up to go for a run. I’m the morning person who wants to have conversation and cuddle (cuuuudle from 6 am to whenever ). So Yoga in the morning will be a bit of a challenge,  but why not?

Later on in the holiday…I’m not sure when…I’d like to swap out some of my HIIT cardio days for a bit of running. I can’t run for shit. Couch to 5k sounds like a plan :). Hopefully I can get some friends to join me. Though that’s unlikely 🙂 .

As well as running I would like to follow the Essence of Belly Dance, belly dancing course. I can’t dance…so a short, fun and quick dance course sounds fun !




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