Fitness Conundrum Series: You Can Be My Motivation

Am I moving too fast? 


…We can just hang out?



It’s all about aesthetics! 

You know? Abs and  a great ass? Legs for days? Let’s not forget those arms 😉 . For some people, this works. Get fit to get HOT. Fine ass hell.  Puns aside, this is a serious motivator for people, especially perfectionists and people with low self esteem. Fortunately I fit into those two categories…so….yaaay first hand information! Don’t get your hopes up though…I’m not staying here too’s very common and we all know it . I want the perfect body. I want to be sexy. I want to be happy. This will make me…

Happy! All my previous insecurities and problems gone!

This is all wrong. If you’re going into this and your motivation evolves around this end phase of happiness and confidence because of this new body you’ve got, it’s not happening. Look a lot of people get happier and more confident, but they also deal with their issues. It isn’t going to work if this is your only source of therapy. It’s not magic.If you have a problem, it’s more likely that a hot bod won’t solve it. Your fitness journey won’t solve it if all it is about your looks. The happiness comes with the psychological and emotional aspects of the journey. So if you want that happiness…start focusing on your mental health too…paired together, you’ll get it.


However what motivates me? Health.

I want to be healthier. A healthy heart and lungs.A strong immune system. Healthy skin. I want to be healthy. Side effects of healthy living:

  1. Less risk to illness
  2. Reduced impact of illness
  3. That hod bod
  4. Happiness
  5. Amazing skin
  6. Faster recovery time (concerning injuries)
  7. Less risk of pre-mature death

I’m sure there are waaaaay more! Point is…I want all of those side effects from healthy living!


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