Baby, Dance With Me!

Dance with me.

I know that I can’t dance…

but dance with me anyway.

I don’t have any rhythm

and I don’t know what I’m doin’.

Why do I have to be so shy? So Awkward?

Why won’t my knees move, the way I want them to?

I know, I’m slightly knock kneed,

and I won’t gain control of my legs in a few seconds but…

it’s this song.

It has me.

Has me drowning in its melody,

and now I have no need to breathe.

Dance with me.

Share this moment and this memory.

Let us remember a blur of faces,

this symphony,

one or two lyrics and each others faces.

Baby, dance with me!

Let us be as unpredictable as this beat.

As a live as the riff.

As bold as its lyrics.

As seductive as that base.

As smooth as those vocals.


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