Thoughts and Feelings from Last Night: My Home and I Almost Caught Fire.



The flames touched me, 

it was so surreal.

Blue at the base, 

bright red closest to my face. 

Fierce playmate, 

Tickled and licked my skin. 

I was frozen. 

Eyes wide open. 

Lungs, still.

Heart, still.  

Static TV screen for a brain. 

No flashes of life. 

No words spoken.


Absolute nothingness. 

For a moment, 

I experienced, 

True and complete,


I turned it off. 

Only my wrist could move. 

Not my eyelids or my lips. 

Then I called you. 

Called my mother too. 

Couldn't continue to cook.

Couldn't stay in the shower too. 

Then the bulb blew. 

I was left in the dark. 


I learned the meaning,

And the feeling. 

Now I know what it is, 

To be completely alone. 



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