Thoughts on Grief and Death.

To the faint of heart this might be a little saddening…so…if you’re not okay with that…I suggest you don’t read it. 

  1. The more you love them…the longer the mourning period. I still cry once in a while even though you died years ago.
  2. There’s something profoundly irritating about all the randoms. You know…all the people who show up claiming they care(d), yet they’ve only showed up that day…not before or after (it’s like a PR stunt).
  3. There’s a finality to it. Yet it’s not so final. Viewing the body and not knowing if it’s real or not. Half expecting you to open your eyes. Half expecting you to be warm. You were cold.
  4. Spend time with your loved ones. They’ll die one day. You don’t know when…but it could be the day after you blew off lunch with them.
  5. Afterwards, you will gain an appreciation for photos and videos. There will never be enough of them. You’ll wish you had taken more.
  6. Since we are on memories…you will do everything to avoid forgetting their voice and scent. Those aren’t held in photos.
  7. Do everything that will lead to true happiness. Decisions that are based on this..will lead you away from living a life of regrets.
  8. You will also do a lot of their favourite things or play their favourite music. It’s nice to remember the good times.



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