The Fitness Conundrum

We all want to evolve in some way? To grow? Right? I’m not sure about you but I want to do those things. I imagine it all the time. That one day I’ll be this great person that has their life put together. Fit. Healthy. Happy. Smart. Everything in order – balance. I think about it lots. Turns out ,that good feeling I get when I imagine this, isn’t really helping me out. It helps with all the procrastination seeing as I already feel like I’ve achieved it yet I haven’t. That’s another post though. Coming soon!

What I want to talk about today are the mistakes that I have made trying to get to this place. I’ve made enough of them and I’m still making them. Over and over and over and over again. It’s like I’m stuck in a hamster wheel sometimes. I’m going to make a list of these things and address each of them separately in a series of blog posts called ‘The Fitness Conundrum Series’ .

  1. Imagining this great person I’m going to be (or at least hope that I’ll be).
  2. Eating cake, swiss rolls (and other delights) for lunch, among other poor meal habits.
  3. Allowing myself to sit in a slump,  a bout of laziness or never-ending procrastination.
  4. Accepting and encouraging my LOVE for indulgence(or maybe I should nurture that and indulge in healthier things? ).
  5. Negative thoughts and accepting things about myself as if they are final. Lines like, “Running just isn’t me. I’m not that into it nor am I great at it, so what’s the point?”
  6. Being okay with being unhealthy.
  7. Poor goal setting.
  8. Poor techniques of self motivation.
  9. Always waiting for the right something (be it a moment or some equipment).
  10. Not giving my fitness unwavering priority.

This is it for now. I will  look at all of these issues in no particular order and go through what I’ve learned from them as well as some solutions (both tried and in the process of trying). Addressing my mistakes and finding ways to move passed them are a step toward self growth.

I’ll post on this every Saturday.


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