To Fourteen Year Old Me

One. It’s okay that things didn’t go as planned.

However the right way wouldn’t have been just as fun.

Last minute girl, trust me when I say,

You still haven’t learned.

Last minute applications for everything,

Caused by too much inspiration or procrastinating.

You still do it, unfortunately,

But it makes for the best memories.

Perhaps it’s because you follow your heart.

Speaking of which, two.

The decisions you made,

Where your heart cheered on your brain,

Are the ones that got you to where you are.

Three. It has taken us sometime just to see,

That it’s more than okay to be

The rawest version of you.

Who knew?

And why the hell did it take us so long,

To receive this news?

I know, I know…it should have been straight forward.

Anyway, four.

I know we’re all for putting up walls

building impenetrable forts and locking doors,

But sometimes you should let them come down.

Get your sledgehammer and some explosives!

Set all of it on fire!

But five. It’d be a lie if is said you didn’t need it.

You need to keep yourself safe.

All the parts that matter,

Can’t always be on display.

Six. Shy and introverted,

Is something people don’t understand.

They want loud and social,

However you don’t have to play that part.

Seven. Open and honest,

Is something you don’t have to fear.

You don’t have to be afraid.

You don’t have to worry about:

What they’ll think or say.

There is no reason for you to have any doubts.

Eight. It’s never too late,

To tell them, what you left unsaid.

Nine. It’s good that you drew lines.

Prompted from here 

Midnight Butterfly


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